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Teresian Tour


On this tour we’ll discover the most important monuments / places related to Saint Theresa like her birthplace or  the Convent of Saint Theresa.

Also the Convent of Saint Joseph, first reformed Carmelite convent which until May 2013 commemorates its 450th anniversary with a Jubilee Year. On visiting the Convent or attending religious services until 24th May 2013 you’ll obtain plenary indulgence.

The Monastery of La Encanación where, being just 20 years old,  she became a novice in 1535. This monastery reflects how life was before she started the Reform of the Carmelite Order.


Apart from these tours, I can customise your visit attending at your specific needs either in the town or the province.


Además de la visita teresiana en la ciudad, podemos realizar visitas a localidades cercanas que tuvieron importancia en la vida de Santa Teresa:

  • Alba de Tormes, lugar donde Sta. Teresa muere en 1582.
  • Fontiveros, lugar de nacimiento de San Juan de la Cruz, atravesando la Comarca de la Moraña, una de zonas a visitar en la provincia de Ávila.